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Subject: Updated synonym proposal for ED04

In preparation for a special telecon tomorrow (tentatively noon PT/3PM ET, on the standard TC telecon #) to close on the synonym and synonym verification open issues for XRI Resolution 2.0 Working Draft 11 ED04, after I digested Wil’s feedback on the telecon today I examined Steve’s proposal of using UseCID and AllowUseCID instead of MapToID and MapFromID.


My conclusion was that Steve’s proposal was tighter and less subject to misunderstanding or misinterpretation. Even better, with his proposal we can eliminate any additional synonym verification parameters (i.e., equiv=true, mapto=true, mapfrom=true) and stick with just cid=true, because with cid=true, a resolver can verify both the CanonicalID element (if present) and the UseCID element (if present), which is everything a consuming application should need to determine the identifier it should use for a resource. (EquivID verification would not be supported by a resolver but can easily be verified by consuming applications if they want to track p2p mappings.)


Best of all, the resolver can return just one status code that tells the consuming application exactly what it needs to know.


All this is now written up in a revised proposal at:




If you can attend tomorrow’s special telecon, please read this proposal over first. If you can’t attend, please read it over and post any feedback tomorrow, as I plan to write this up in ED04 on Monday (I have an all day plane flight).



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