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Subject: Progress report on XRI Res 2.0 WD11 ED06

Good news and bad news:


The good news is that editing is proceeding very smoothly, with that nice sound of all the pieces falling into place with no (repeat NO) new issues arising (yet ;-)


The bad news: I’ve used up 1.5 days of the 2.0 ideal days I predicted it will take for ED06 and I’m still not quite halfway done. The reason is simple: besides rewriting section 12 from scratch, the decisions we made about Redirect and Ref processing ripple throughout the entire spec. Not just in the text, but in all the flowcharts. (I knew the flowcharts would need updating, but I didn’t expect a complete overhaul.)


Back to the good news: in that overhaul, the new Redirect and Ref processing rules make the flowcharts considerably simpler and easier to follow, so it will be worth it.


Updated estimate: since I have to fly to San Diego and back tomorrow, I will get at most a half-day’s writing time on the plane. I will need at least another ideal day beyond that to complete everything. Since Thursday and Friday are each half-booked, that means it will take me into early next week to complete ED06. Monday I fly to Boston, so I will likely use that plane trip to do the final editing, then post ED06 next Tuesday morning.


I’ll leave it to Gabe to decide whether we should hold our XRI/XDI telecon this week (my vote is no so I can use the time on the spec). In any case, I’d ask everyone to please reserve time next Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 16 and 17, to review ED06 carefully and compile comments/feedback so we can hold a full-scale final review telecon on Thursday Oct. 18. We should be down to just nits by that point, but with a spec of this size, even dealing with nits could take a few days, and we absolutely want to compete the Committee Draft vote before the end of the month.



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