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Subject: PLEASE REVIEW: XRI Res 2.0 WD11 ED06

XRI Resolution 2.0 Working Draft 11 Editors Draft 06 has been posted. The public links (the ones you can forward to others outside the TC) are:


            PDF (with change marks/comments):



            Word  (with change marks/comments):



This is the second-to-last planned draft of this spec before it goes to vote as Committee Draft 02. Following is a summary of the changes in this version. IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE REVIEW PRIOR TO THE XRI TC TELECON AT 10AM PT THURSDAY OCTOBER 18. The telecon will be devoted to collecting any and all revisions.


If you are not able to attend the telecon (or even if you are), please send comments either: a) as email to the list (using line numbers from the PDF version), or b) make edits to the spec itself and sent to me (if using this method, please accept all changes first and turn on Track Changes before making edits).





This draft is now 99% complete. All normative TODOs have been completed – the remaining TODOs are either OASIS required spec elements such as the Conformance section or updates to appendices that have been awaiting completion of the main spec. These can now go forward.


ALL NORMATIVE CHANGES ARE MARKED EITHER WITH CHANGE MARKS OR COMMENTS ON THE SECTION HEADING. The latter were used for sections that were so extensively rewritten that change marks were worthless.


Following is a list of key changes that should be closely reviewed:


1) ALL FLOWCHARTS WERE REVISED. The spec now includes a linked series of 8 flowcharts that are listed in a new Table of Figures after the Table of Contents. They start with a new top-level flowchart and input/output processign flowcharts in section 7, and then update all the previous flowcharts. PLEASE REVIEW THESE FLOWCHARTS VERY CAREFULLY. It was a huge job to redo these to: a) reflect the new Redirect and Ref architecture, and b) properly capture recursion and backtracking. I am very happy with the outcome – the new flowcharts are simpler and more modular – but they need multiple sets of eyes looking them over to make sure they are correct (even though they are non-normative).


2) Section 11, Redirect and Ref Processing, was completely rewritten to reflect http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xri/XriCd02/RefProcessing and uses the exact examples from that page. It should be reviewed very closely. Note that it was moved before section 12, Service Endpoint Selection, because this is where it logically fit from a flowchart progression standpoint.


3) I tried to update all mentions of Redirects and Refs (formerly service refs and authority refs) in other places throughout the spec, although I haven’t done a final read-through so I don’t know if I caught them all. Please check for these carefully. In most cases I tried to replace them with references to section 12 to keep the spec modular and only specify rules in one place.


4) Section 8.1, Authority Resolution, was extensively refactored, both to reflect the updated flowcharts as well as to simplify it and make it more modular.

            - 8.1.3: Requesting an XRDS Document, was added together with its own flowchart to dramatically simplify the long list of rules formerly in 8.1.2.

            - 8.1.4: Failover Handling, was added to put the critical failover requirements right up front (thanks to Les for the text).

            - 8.1.9: Selection of the Next Authority Resolution Service Endpoint, was broken out from 8.1.10 so it was more modular and could be separately referenced.


5) Section 12.7: Construction of Service Endpoint URIs was refactored to add a subsection, 12.7.1, on the uric parameter.


6) Section 13.2: CanonicalID Verification, was updated to reflect the new Redirect and Ref rules.


7) Section 14: Status Codes and Error Handling, was refactored and rewritten to reflect the new ServerStatus element and add the new error codes for Redirect and Ref processing. IMPLEMENTERS, PLEASE REVIEW THESE CAREFULLY AND SEND EMAIL ABOUT ANY SUGGESTED CHANGES.


8) Sections 17.5 and 17.6 were added to Security Considerations to reflect Synonym and Redirect/Ref security.





The task list has been updated at:




The key remaining tasks are:


* Section 2: Conformance (I will draft)


* Update Appendix D – XRDS and XRD Schema (XSD) (I’ll do a first draft with Bill Barnhill and Gabe to review)


* Appendix E – RelaxNG Schema (Bill and Gabe to generate once Appendix D is done)


* Appendix H – Update local resolver reference API (Wil will make the changes)




See you on the Thursday’s telecon.







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