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Subject: RE: [xri] XRI resolution with barx

Congratulations Victor and Kermit! This will be particularly excellent news
in conjunction with announcement of XRI Resolution 2.0 Committee Draft 02 as
soon as we get through the vote.

If we have time on our telecon today (after going through ED06 feedback,
which has to have first priority), I'll put in on the agenda for you to tell
us more about Barx and Yapi.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Victor Grey [mailto:victor@idcommons.org]
> Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 7:40 AM
> To: xri@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: [xri] XRI resolution with barx
> It's our pleasure to announce the first release of barx - a Ruby XRI
> resolution library and XRI proxy resolver.
> We believe that barx is the first implementation of the XRI 2.0 WD11
> spec - it supports the entire spec as defined in ED06 <http://
> www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/25741/xri-resolution-v2.0-
> wd-11-ed-06.pdf> with the exception of SAML trusted resolution.
> The proxy resolver is a fast HTTP server based on Mongrel <http://
> mongrel.rubyforge.org/> and Merb <http://merb.rubyforge.org/files/
> README.html> that can be run as a local service (on
> localhost:someport) to provide XRI resolution and caching for other
> applications such as OpenID relying parties, or as a scalable public
> service if desired.
> The API used by barx is also available as a standalone rubygem, and
> can be used to support the development of other applications, or to
> XRI-enable existing applications.
> The gem contains an examples directory with some examples of how the
> gem can be incorporated into other applications. The proxy server
> contains an example plugin that demonstrates how enable the
> resolution of alternative community roots.
> To install the gem (Ruby and rubygems required):
> gem install barx
> To download the proxy:
> <http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=4509>
> Project homepage:
> <http://xrisoft.org>
> Enjoy!
> =victor.grey and =kermit.snelson

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