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Subject: Re: [xri] ED07 Issue #1: Encoding of + in query parameters

Tan, William wrote:
> Implementations should be able to reverse this to the original  
> value; i.e. %20 should not become a space character (which makes  
> the URI illegal), nor should it be misinterpreted as '+'. And, of  
> course %3B gets turned into '+'.
> This usually means re-implementing the URL parser because in many  
> CGI environments/implementation, the parameters are escaped in a  
> "standard" manner, which conflicts with the way we have specified.
Every implementation has to re-implement its own URL parser? That  
seems a bit draconian.

> So, that's a long-winded form of saying that '+' should not be  
> escaped when it appears in the resolution input parameters.
We've said that the ";" must be escaped, which is good.

In both ruby and php our implementations had to re-convert any space  
we see in a query string to a "+", since the language's built-in  
parser has unescaped it into a space.

So the only thing we have to do to make the whole thing just work, is  
forbid spaces in QXRI query params -- whether they are escaped or not.


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