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Subject: Re: [xri] ED07 Issue #1: Encoding of + in query parameters

Gabe Wachob wrote:
> Python RULEZ!!!

Was that Python RULEZ or

Tan, William wrote:
> Then we can't disallow %20, because who knows that %20 meant a  
> SPACE character (character semantics) or just byte value \x20 (byte  
> semantics). After all, it is a URI, and if we specified that no  
> escaping other than ';' and '&' is necessary, we need to be able to  
> extract that URI without changing anything.

The issue is that + and %20 are both standard encodings for the SPACE  
character in query strings.

So we have to either:
1. require the + to be escaped, as in "_xrd_r=application/xrds%2Bxml"
2. not disallow but just recommend against using SPACE in any form in  
a QXRI query string due to the likelihood that it will be  
misunderstood by many implementations.

(1) hurts the eyes, which is not a small thing when you've been up  
all night debugging, and (2) is pedantically incorrect but unlikely  
to be problematic in any application I can imagine (but maybe Wil  
imagines differently than I do).

I prefer (2) but I'm OK with either. It does imho have to be one or  
the other.


If you hand "http://xri.net/=vg?_xrd_r=application/xrds%20xml"; to  
xri.net, it behaves exactly as if you had handed it  
"_xrd_r=application/xrds%2Bxml" or "_xrd_r=application/xrds+xml". So  
the misunderstanding that I'm predicting to be likely in many apps is  
happening there too.

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