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xri message

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Subject: Is the behavior correct?

I have run some examples through BARKS

First query:

We see a ref to the CID of =steven at the XRD level of *steven.


This produces a XRD with the CID of =steven not @ooTao*steven.  

<XRD version="2.0">
<ServerStatus code="100"/>
<Status code="100" cid="verified"/>
<LocalID priority="10">!C5FB.53B6.6E94.824</LocalID>
<CanonicalID priority="10">=!C5FB.53B6.6E94.824</CanonicalID>
<Service priority="0">
<Type select="true">http://openid.net/signon/1.0</Type>
<URI priority="1" append="qxri">https://2idi.com/openid/</URI>
<URI priority="2" append="qxri">http://2idi.com/openid/</URI>

I believe this to be correct. 

However if we try.

We get:

<ServerStatus code="100">SUCCESS</ServerStatus>
<Status code="100" cid="verified">SUCCESS</Status>
<xrd:Service priority="0">
<xrd:Type select="true">xri://+i-service*(+contact)*($v*1.0)</xrd:Type>
<xrd:Type match="null"/>
<xrd:Path select="true">(+contact)</xrd:Path>
<xrd:Path match="null"/>
<xrd:URI priority="1" append="authority">http://linksafe-contact.ezibroker.net/contact/</xrd:URI>

The ref is not followed.   I think this is a holdover from WD10 where where the ref at the XRD level was not followed if SEP is matched in the XRD.

Should the correct result have been?:

<XRDS ref="xri://=C5FB.53B6.6E94.824">
<Status code="222">The subsegment does not exist</Status>

This is no Fault of BARKS it is doing what I thought it should be doing before our conversation earlier today.

So is everyone clear that SEPS in a XRD are never processed if there is a ref at the XRD level?



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