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Subject: ED07 progress report

Our goal was to have XRI Resolution 2.0 Working Draft 11 Editor’s Draft 07 published today, but as usual the workload is higher than we’d hoped. John Bradley and Steve Churchill did yeoman’s work this past week reviewing the new ED06 flowcharts in detail, and they are now reviewing a revision that fixes the one key bug they found.


Although all the other text revisions are relatively small, they are numerous and have to be done carefully. I will continue to crank away on them tomorrow. Given that our goal is to produce a completely final draft, I anticipate it will take all day tomorrow, so don’t look for an ED07 posted until tomorrow night.


That will not leave much time for review prior to Thursday’s TC telecon, so we will plan to do a live walk-through of the key revisions on the call, then ask everyone to complete their proof by the end of the weekend so we can hold the vote next week.


Please do schedule time both to attend the TC telecon (10-noon PT on Thursday) and to read through the change marks in the spec in detail later Thursday or Friday.



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