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Subject: new application "xriPhone"

Hi all,

If you have an iPhone, you can now use it to resolve your favourite i-names! You can get the XRD(S) for an i-name with a single click uh i mean tap, and you can launch Safari to access the default service of the i-name.

This means that the iPhone now has a UI XRI resolver before it has a UI DNS resolver! Yay!

Hundreds of people in the iPhone community will download and try it. If you want to sponsor me and see your ibroker's logo and link in the app, make me an offer :) No, just joking, this is only for fun...

Find attached some screenshots. For installation instructions and more info, see http://www.freexri.com/tools/AboutXRIPhone

Ask me for it at IIW!


Disclaimer: Following the instructions on that page may be illegal, void your iPhone warranty and/or damage your iPhone. Use at your own risk.





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