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Subject: Re: [xri] i-services must perform resolution?


For Synonyms we allow binding multiple iNames to the same iNumber.

For iNames provisioned on different iNumbers they have separately  
provisioned iServices.

Steve has constructed many examples using refs,  however with the  
current resolver not supporting them, they are of limited use until  
2.0 is deployed.

Using a service or authority ref is probably safest as it requires  
less smarts on the part of a client to determine equivalency.

You raise an interesting point,  about cases where people may be using  
equivID etc.

I suspect that provisioning against anything other than a CID will  
cause unpredictable results.  The service must also have a way to  
identify the account for itself.

Some services may choose to allow multiple CIDs to be associated with  
them.  That is a service decision and should probably be enabled  
through multiple XRDSP transactions.


On 10-Dec-07, at 2:03 PM, Markus Sabadello wrote:

> Think about this:
> The ISS (specifications for authentication/contact/forwarding i- 
> services) mention that i-services can be bound either to a QXRI or  
> to the authority associated with it. If you bind it to the  
> authority, that means that the i-service ( e.g. the contact page) is  
> the same for all XRIs that share the authority.
> So let's assume I have two i-names which are local synonyms (same  
> CanonicalID):
> =markus
> =markus.sabadello
> And I want only a single contact page that is shared by both i-names.
> Now if the i-service provider is the same entity as the ibroker,  
> then this is no problem. For example when the @freeXRI contact page  
> i-service receives a request, I simply look in the OpenXRI store to  
> find out if there's a contact page associated with the authority of  
> the XRI. If not, I check if there is one associated with the XRI  
> itself. When you create an i-service, there's actually a checkbox  
> that lets you choose whether you want it just for one i-name, or  
> shared by its synonyms.
> (Does Ootao/Wingaa/Ezibroker support this too? Or does every XRI  
> always have their own contact page, even if they are local synonyms?)
> But what happens when I sign up for a busy time service (using  
> XRDSP), and again I want it to be shared by my two i-names? The only  
> way I see to make this work is that the service provider must  
> resolve the XRIs and look at the CanonicalID to find out if they are  
> synonyms. To be perfectly correct, it would even have to take into  
> account <CanonicalEquivID>s and <EquivID>s.
> Does that sound correct?
> Markus


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