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Subject: XRI Resolution v2.0 WD 12

First, for clarification: when a Committee Draft is revised, it returns to
Working Draft status. That's why this next draft of XRI Resolution 2.0
Committee Draft 02 is called XRI Resolution 2.0 Working Draft 12.

All comments from http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xri/XriTwo/ResolutionCd03 have
been incorporated. The public links to the PDF and Word files are:



There are exactly 10 changes, and to make it easy, I marked all 10 with
comments, so if you download the Word version, you can just scroll from
comment to comment (choose F5, then Comments, Next).

The only outstanding issue is the revision to the RNC and XSD schemas. Gabe,
since we're reusing the same element (Type), the only change I made was to a
reference to that element in the XRD element definition? However, that Type
element currently defined includes optional match and select attributes that
don't apply when the element is used at the XRD level. Given that those
attributes are optional, I think this is fine, but what do you and others

Gabe cannot attend this week's telecon, so if possible please review and
send any comments prior to the telecon. We'd like to hold the vote on CD03
next week.


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