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Subject: Status on XRI Res 2.0 CD02 Revision 02

A quick update regarding the status of XRI Resolution 2.0 Committee Draft 02 Revision 02:


I spent 1.5 hours on the phone tonight with Wil going over his suggestions about the wording on the flowcharts can be improved. Similar to Gabe’s suggestions about the service endpoint selection pseudocode, none of it involves any substantive changes, however they are improvements can have a significant impact in terms of readability and comprehensibility to implementers (it’s no surprise this feeback is coming from Gabe’s and Wil’s own implementation activities).


The net net is that although I had planned to publish Revision 02 tonight, incorporating Wil’s feedback, plus the handful of other update from the list, is going to take me longer than I have tonight (I have to fly to Boston in the morning). So I will finish it during my plane trip tomorrow and upload it tomorrow night when I reach Boston.


Given our very tight schedule to reach an OASIS Standard vote in May, PLEASE SET ASIDE TIME TO REVIEW THESE CHANGES PRIOR TO THE TC TELECON THIS THURSDAY. Also, please plan to attend this telecon so we can incorporate any final feedback into the final revision draft on Thursday and begin the CD03 vote this Friday.





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