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xri message

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Subject: statement of use

To the OASIS XRI Technical Committee:


NeuStar, Inc. is successfully using the XRI Syntax 2.0 and XRI Resolution 2.0 specifications and schemas in accordance with the conformance clauses specified in the XRI Resolution 2.0 specification. Our use has included the interoperation of multiple independent implementations, including operation of the XDI.org Global Registry Services for = and @ global context registries for i-names and i-numbers, operation of the associated XRI authority resolution servers, operation of the xri.net public proxy resolver using the open source OpenXRI code base, and operation of authority resolution servers for the @dotus and @neustar community XRI spaces.


Les Chasen


Neustar, Inc.



contact: =les

voice: =les/(+phone)

chat: =les/skype/chat

pibb me  =les/+pibb





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