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Subject: Location of XRI TC response on "xri:" scheme registration

Gabe et al,


Per the question that came up on today’s XRI TC telecon, the location of our response to the question from Paul Grosso of W3C with regards to the registration of the “xri:” URI scheme with IANA, the answer is posted on our wiki page where we summarized our responses to all the comments received on XRI Resolution 2.0. The exact location is:




This page was later filed in the Kavi repository as http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/27850/xri-resolution-2.0-cd-02-and-cd-03-comments-log.doc.


I don’t know if the response was actually sent via email to Paul Grosso, who originally posed the question, which may explain why the W3C TAG was confused about this.



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