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Subject: NOTICE OF XDI TC OFFICIAL MEETING: Monday 2 June 2008 10AM Pacific

XRI TC Voting Members:

Thanks to clarification from TC Administrator Mary McRae, we are changing
the date for the official meeting of the XRI TC to Monday, 2 June 2008. The
purpose of the meeting will be to review comments on the OASIS Standard
votes on XRI Syntax 2.0 and XRI Resolution 2.0 to determine, if these
ballots have passed, whether the TC wishes to request a ballot from the TC
Administrator to advance these specifications to OASIS Standard status.
(Such a ballot is required if there are any negative votes, which there have

Since the actual vote will be an online ballot, and since there is no
meeting time that works well for all our TC members, we will tentatively
schedule this telecon for our standard meeting time of 10AM Pacific Time. We
will confirm this time after this week's XRI TC telecon.

We will use our normal TC telecon line (thanks to NeuStar for hosting):

    Dial In Number: 571-434-5750
    Conference ID: 5474


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