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Subject: Wikipedia page on XRI

Towards the end of the voting period on XRI 2.0 we noticed that the Licensing section of the Wikipedia page on XRI had been changed again – the second time in the last six months. For the second time I corrected the allegations and Nat Sakimura reverted the text.


The author of the changes, who is doing so anonymously but has said he/she is affiliated with an OASIS member, is continuing to challenge the Licensing statement on the XRI article. See the Talk page where this discussion is taking place:




My own neutrality as a contributor to this page and specifically on the Licensing section is being challenged due to having a financial stake in XRI registry services. It would thus be better to have Gabe or other XRI TC members/users who do not have a financial interest in XRI -- or OASIS staff members who can directly represent OASIS IPR policies -- review this page and ensure the statement about licensing is corrected.


Gabe and I will put this on the agenda for this week’s telecon.



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