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Subject: New XRI TC telecon time: 8AM PT Thursdays

Having seen no objections, I am updating our weekly telecon time to 8AM PACIFIC each Thursday. I will update the TC calendar now; please update your personal calendars as well.




From: Drummond Reed [mailto:drummond.reed@cordance.net]
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008 4:49 PM
To: 'XRI TC'
Subject: [xri] IMPORTANT: new proposed XRI TC telecon time 8AM PT


XRI TC Members and Observers:


Per the minutes of today’s telecon it was proposed that we move our regular weekly telecon time to 8-9AM Pacific Time (from our current slot of 10-11AM PT) in order that Nat Sakimura or others on Toyko time could join us more easily (that being midnight in Tokyo vs. 2AM for the current call time).


If you have a HARD CONFLICT with this new time, please post to the list. Otherwise we will begin holding calls at the new time starting next week, Thursday, June 19.





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