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Subject: Minutes: XRI TC Telecon 8-9AM PT Thursday 2008-09-11

Following are the minutes for the unofficial telecon of the XRI TC at:

Date:  Thursday, 11 September 2008 USA
Time:  8:00AM - 9:00PM Pacific Time


Peter Davis
John Bradley
Markus Sabadello
Nika Jones
Drummond Reed 
Marty Schleiff 
Les Chasen 


Several TC members were at Digital ID World this past week, and mentioned
that the concept of a "reference identity architecture" for all identity
systems was a hot topic. This meme is the whole subject of Marty's new blog:


John Bradley mentioned that this could help with harmonization efforts.
Marty invited everyone to submit ideas/comments. 


We confirmed that our face-to-face meeting will follow Internet Identity
Workshop on November 12/13/14. We have a room for Wed. afternoon the 12th
and Thursday the 13th but still need to set one up for Friday the 14th.

We also have tentative approval to reimburse some travel expenses to help
underwrite production of our white paper.

# JOHN to talk to Dee Schur to confirm the details of how that reimbursement
process will work.


Peter and Drummond reported on their conversations with Eran Hammer-Lahav RE
plans for proceeding with XRDS as a standalone specification. We also need
to look at incorporation of WS-Addressing EPR (Endpoint References). We
should have more news on this by next week.

John brought up the idea of revisiting our use of Refs, due to how much
additional effort they require in understanding and implementation. It was
agreed to revisit this as we commenced the new XRDS work.


We continued last week's discussion/analysis, focusing primarily on a
suggestion originating from Stuart Williams about changing the formal
definition of an XRI to a relative URI, and then defining bindings of this
pure abstract identifier syntax to different base URI schemes, including
http:, https:, and xmpp:.

It was agreed this approach looked promising because it is consistent with
the TAG's advice while maintaining a clean definition of the XRI entity

# PETER, DRUMMOND, JOHN to check with the TAG about this approach.

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