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Subject: Telecon Special Topic - XRI and OpenID

A heads-up that we a special topic to discuss on this week's XRI TC telecon.
David Recordon, one of the OpenID Authentication 2.0 editors, is preparing a
charter for members of the OpenID community to begin work on OpenID
Authentication 2.1. One the potential items of that charter is to split XRI
discovery into a separate specification called "OpenID XRI Extension".

David would like our feedback about this idea. 

I'm sending this email to kick off discussion about this idea on the list
first. Then David will join us from 8:15-8:30AM PT on Thursday's call to
share his perspective and listen to our feedback.

Please do reply to this message with your general thoughts about this idea;
I suggest we try to create a list of the plusses and minusses prior to
Thursday's telecon.



A reminder that the call will be held at:

Date:  Thursday, 18 September 2008 USA
Time:  8:00AM - 9:00PM Pacific Time

    Dial In Number: 571-434-5750
    Conference ID: 5474

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