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Subject: RE: [xdi] Global Cross-Reference Proposal

Hi Drummond,
Nice work on the global xref proposal.
I did have a question after my initial read through though. If the following is now a reference to the global =Drummond:
      @cordance=drummond              <== global scope – NOT ALLOWED IN XRI 2.0
then how would @cordance make a statement 'about' =Drummond?
One possibility I see is that they could do @cordance*Drummond, but then how do we know the Drummond referenced is actually =Drummond?
Other possibilities are @cordance*(=Drummond) and @cordance/(=Drummond).  First is ok and probably the way intended now with the global xrefs, right?  The second I don't like as at first blush I could see some issues with RDF translation, but I'd need to look at it more to see if it would indeed cause issues.

From: Drummond Reed
Sent: Fri 11/7/2008 2:54 AM
Subject: [xdi] Global Cross-Reference Proposal

I finally had time tonight to complete the writeup of the Global
Cross-Reference proposal for XRI Syntax 3.0. This is based mostly on
requirements from the XDI TC that go back to the dawn of the XDI RDF model.
We have been discussing them on our last few weekly telecons in order to
document them in detail before the XRI TC F2F next week.

The full proposal is written up at:


Since this is the proposal with the biggest impact on XRI 3.0 syntax, I urge
all XRI TC members to read through it and comment on the list.



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