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Subject: Designating DNS discovery for non-HTTP URIs

There seems to be strong resistance in various communities to the idea that
an HTTP server can speak authoritatively for non-HTTP URIs. There is also
strong resistance to using DNS as the entry point for resource discovery. At
the same time, it is clear we need to support non-HTTP URIs and there is
strong desire to include a DNS flavor.

My proposed solution is to limit discovery to the three methods: <Link>
element, Link: header, and /site-meta for HTTP URIs, and to use a
"/site-meta"-like solution with a DNS verification for all non-HTTP URIs.

If the resource is an HTTP resource such as: http://example.com/resource/1,
the consumer can look for a <Link> element, Link: header, or fetch
/site-meta and look for a Link-Template record with the appropriate mapping.

But if the resource is not an HTTP resource such as mailto:user@example.com,
the consumer must look for a DNS record for the example.com domain
identifying an HTTP resource using the /site-meta format with the
Link-Template record. Basically, instead of just doing a GET /site-meta, the
consumer must first find out where the non-HTTP /site-meta is located. It
will usually point to /site-meta (the location) but might not.

This will ensure that the DNS admin has full control over discovery
information of non-HTTP URIs and not the HTTP admin. But it will also allow
both HTTP and non-HTTP to use exactly the same /site-meta file and mechanism
for most use cases.

The reason the content of the Link-Template isn't placed directly in the DNS
record is mostly to keep the discovery workflow as uniform as possible, and
to use DNS in the simplest way to increase adoption.



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