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Subject: Re: [xri] The elements formerly known as TargetAuthority and TargetSubject

+1 on both element names proposed on that wiki page.  Even though this  
is a departure from the direction we were trying to go previously (not  
reusing elements of the same name in different places), I think this  
really does make a lot of sense.  One way that we could explain this  
in the spec to avoid potential confusion, is that with both elements  
(KeyInfo and Subject), they always apply to their direct parent  
element.  Both are always going to be direct child elements of either  
XRD or Link, and that is what they apply to.  I don't think it will  
actually be that confusing, and the simplification it brings to the  
schema is very nice.


On Jun 30, 2009, at 9:10 PM, Drummond Reed wrote:

> I finished the promised wiki page and posted it to:
> 	http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xri/XrdOne/TrustElements
> As always, doing a full writeup of the functional definitions of the
> elements shed surprising light on both of them. In fact it led to a  
> very
> unexpected conclusion about their respective names, which I  
> guarantee will
> surprise you.
> Please read it over and post your thoughts -- the sooner the better,  
> as this
> is clearly an issue we must close before we are ready for a  
> Committee Draft.
> =Drummond
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Drummond Reed [mailto:drummond.reed@cordance.net]
>> Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 12:10 PM
>> To: 'Nat Sakimura'; 'Breno de Medeiros'; 'XRI TC'
>> Subject: RE: [xri] TargetAuthority and TargetSubject
>> I had an action item from the last telecon to send a proposal wrt the
>> element name TargetAuthority too.
>> I have found that when it comes to the semantics of XML element  
>> names, it
>> is
>> best to try to derive the semantic name on the basis of a shared
>> functional
>> definitions and not the other way around.
>> I have started drafting a wiki page to do this but need to head out  
>> to a
>> series of meetings this afternoon - I'll post the page as soon as I  
>> get
>> back.
>> =Drummond
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