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Subject: RE: [xri] SAML trusted resolution and self-describing XRDS documents

> The question is, what would the SAML assertion look like in case of a
> describing XRDS document (section 9.1.6). In this case, an authority is
> publishing an XRD about itself, and there is no query / no subsegment to
> resolved. My answer would be either
> - Following the above rule, since there is no query, there's no NameID
> either. Not sure if that works in SAML.
> - The NameID must be equals to the XRI (i-number?) of the authority.

The rules involve a lot of following threads around the spec, so it isn't
very clear, but a SAML assertion containing any of the "standard" statement
types MUST have a Subject element, and a Subject element has to have either
an identifier of some form, or a SubjectConfirmation by itself.

For clarity, something like the latter suggestion is more appropriate.

-- Scott

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