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Subject: XRD questions for the TC

I'm pushing toward a committee draft, and have come across a couple of  
questions for the TC:

# Placement of Signature element

It's been suggested that having the Signature as the very first  
element makes the document it bit more difficult for a human to  
parse.  I would tend to agree.  The placement of Signature has no  
technical impact, so what would others think of moving it a bit lower  
in the document?  Either at the very end of the singular elements, or  
at the very bottom of the document.

# Example XRD for inclusion in the spec

I'd like to include a full XRD document in the spec as an example.  I  
don't really want to use any kind of identity or authentication  
examples, as I think that feeds into the pigeon hole some people  
already have for XRD.  Does anyone have other ideas?  I was thinking  
about a book maybe.  Related resources could be some kind of  
resolution service to retrieve MARC data for the book, an ecommerce  
site for purchasing the book, etc. ??  I don't know, I'm certainly  
open to suggestions from others.

# URITemplate example

Do we need a good example for URITemplate as well?  While the language  
describing the element is technically accurate, it doesn't help  
implementors know what the next step would be in actually making use  
of the element.  Or is this going to be something that doesn't go into  
the spec, but is blogged about and such?  I don't really see how we  
can give a good example without actually defining a template  
dictionary in the spec itself, which was something we specifically  
were not doing.  Thoughts on what to do here?


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