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Subject: XRD Status

On Jul 6, 2009, at 12:16 PM, Eran Hammer-Lahav wrote:

> If we break the spec into schema and trust, how close are we to  
> being done with the first part (schema)?

With the exception of the questions I just sent to the list, I'm  
pretty comfortable with section 2 of the spec, which defines the  
schema.  There are no remaining TODOs in that section, and I believe  
it represents the latest agreed upon schema.

As for the other sections...

We still need to make a decision with XRD processing before I can say  
the same for section 3... see the thread "Delegation Terminology /  
Linked XRD" for discussion about processing instructions with regards  
to the priority attribute.  Whatever we decide there will need to be  
reflected in the spec.  Then we just need a short intro to XRD  
processing, and section 3 is done.

Section 4, XRD Trust, is half done.  I'm comfortable with 4.2, XRD  
Signature, since that is based on the text in SAML.  4.1 needs the  
most work.

Section 5, Conformance, hasn't been written yet.  I'll see about  
getting a draft of that going based on XRI Resolution 2.0

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