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Subject: Re: [xri] Minutes: XRI TC Telecon 2-3PM PT Thursday 2009-07-16

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Scott Cantor [mailto:cantor.2@osu.edu]
> Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2009 2:27 PM
> To: Eran Hammer-Lahav; xri@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: RE: [xri] Minutes: XRI TC Telecon 2-3PM PT Thursday 2009-07-16
> Eran Hammer-Lahav wrote on 2009-07-23:
> > How about <Subject set="beginswith">?
> Will has some other questions about this, but I was wondering...is
> there a
> URL normalization step here to deal with port 80/443 being present or
> not in
> the matching string and case, and so forth?
> In other words, is http://FOO.COM/thing the same as
> http://foo.com:80/thing
> ?

Yes. I indicated this in my original proposal that we need to find some text to point to about URI comparison. I would rather avoid specifying this in the spec and leave it to an existing standard. But eventually, this is up to applications to deal with because how to apply the XRD to an URI you have goes beyond just being able to match the pattern.
> I was rather in favor of the original simple idea of breaking the
> fields out
> into XML and making it easy to express the normalization/matching.

My motivation for proposing this approach was to avoid architecting a new element with children that is based on a single and very limited use case. My previous proposal had to deal with spelling out the format of each element and opened the door for interop problem with what can be included in each such as regex and wildcards. Since the use case does not require it, I feel that proposal went too far.


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