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Subject: subject sets (was: Minutes: XRI TC Telecon 2-3PM PT Thursday 2009-07-16)

(Let's NOT continue propagating the "Minutes:" subject, please... it's  
rather confusing)

I'll let the discussion with Scott run its course, but wanted to chime  
in with a couple of questions on this proposal:

Regarding extensibility, are we intending the "set" attribute of  
<Subject> be extensible with new values?  I know we are only planning  
to define one, "beginswith".  If we ARE intending it to be extensible,  
should we not use URI based values, so as not to necessitate the  
creation of a value registry?

Since <Subject> is used both at the XRD level and at the <Link> level,  
has any thought been giving to ramifications of having a subject set  
at the <Link> level?  It might simply not make sense, it might be  
perfectly valid, I'm not sure.  Just wanted to make sure we thought  
through that.


On Jul 27, 2009, at 4:16 PM, Eran Hammer-Lahav wrote:

>> The decision between an attribute or a new element is still open and
>> this is one reason to opt for a separate <Subject> and <SubjectSet>
>> elements. In a separate approach, the <SubjectSet> element can have a
>> 'match' attribute which will only define 'beginswith' at this point.
>> The content of this new element will be string.
> Can we close this?
> I suggest we stick to an attribute of <Subject> over a new element  
> <SubjectSet> because the only reason for a new element is to make  
> the content of the element a string (and not a URI). But if we do  
> that, it becomes impossible to apply a *generic* trust profile to it  
> because it no longer plays by the same rules <Subject> does (with a  
> URI and an obvious authority section). This means if we create a new  
> element, we need to explicitly set the trust profile to apply only  
> to certain values of the match attribute... not pretty.
> It looks like we need to start putting deadlines on issues or they  
> just linger for months...
> So please reply by 7/30 with your comments.

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