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Subject: RE: [xri] subject sets (was: Minutes: XRI TC Telecon 2-3PM PT Thursday 2009-07-16)

Eran Hammer-Lahav wrote on 2009-07-28:
> Does XML namespace work for attribute values? I rather avoid a registry
> avoid a URI value...

Will answered that...

>  It is perfectly valid because you are giving a hint (or requirement, if
> used for trust) as to what to expect on the other side. Since the other
> side can have a set, so can a Link. This point seems to favor a single
> element for simplicity.

You have two Subject elements to "compare" and both of them are arbitrary,
potentially infinite sets that you have to intersect. Or are you saying they
have to syntactically match without regard for the set behind them? That
would be easy, but I doubt it's what you want in every case.

It's easy to see what it means to have a beginswith on the Link side that
matches an exact Subject on the other end. Once you get beyond simple cases,
it gets harder pretty quickly.

-- Scott

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