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Subject: RE: [xri] Solution for host-meta

John Bradley wrote on 2009-08-25:
> So I read that as your vote is for prefixing the host name with a
> OASIS defined URN.

I prefer that to XRD saying anything about allowing URIs and things that
just look like them. As I read the current proposal, though, I guess XRD
says nothing? So some other spec says "this bogus thing here means host",
and XRD doesn't really know anything about it. Also ok with me.

> If we could make it Subject or Host  I would be more comfortable with
> <Host> but we cant do that in the XSD.

The XSD just reflects what we choose, so if Host were the decision,
obviously we could add that into a <choice> alongside Subject. I accept that
people don't like that and understand why (it's not extensible to any other
use cases and requires special element recognition).

-- Scott

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