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Subject: Removing priority attribute from XRD altogether

XRI TC Members:


On today’s telecon, attended by ~ half the TC members (given it is late August), the decision was made that we could significantly reduce XRD processing complexity by removing the priority attribute (everywhere) and simply treating document order as priority order.


Note that this means we are also removing the equal-priority round-robin requirement (the requirement to pick randomly among multiple elements of equal priority), since round-robin behaviour is better implemented lower in the stack (via load balancers or if necessary DNS).


If anyone not on today’s telecon has serious heartburn about this decision, SPEAK UP NOW. Silence = consensus.


If no major objections are raised, Scott will reflect this in the new XSD schema and Will will reflect it in the WD05 text for next week’s call.




(BTW, thanks to Dewitt Clinton’s original feedback for spurring this whole discussion)

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