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Subject: URITemplate processing


Some time ago, you added the following sentence to the URITemplate  

> If a link contains multiple relation types with conflicting  
> vocabularies or template parsing rules, or if a template contains  
> unknown variable names, the <URITemplate> SHOULD be ignores.

Is that the right behavior?  I was thinking that, at least for the  
first case of conflicting vocabularies, the result was simply  
undefined.  I don't think that warrants an explicit instruction that  
consumers ignore the template.  Depending on what "unknown variable  
names" means, I'm not sure that should be ignored.  If that means  
"variables which are not included in any of the corresponding  
vocabularies", then maybe ignore the template.  But if that simply  
means "variables for which there is no value provided in the input",  
then it certainly should NOT be ignored... that variable would just be  
replaced by an empty string.

I seem to remember discussing template behavior on a fairly recent  
call, and that you were going to update that.  Do you still have  
outstanding changes on this you haven't checked in?  Or should we  
discuss this a bit more to make sure we have this language right?


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