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Subject: Re: [xri] talking about types

Will Norris wrote:
>> There are a number of places where the text talks about the value type 
>> of a particular element.  For example:
>>> <Subject> is a xs:anyURI value which identifies a resource.

That was an example of the text I referred to on the call as needing some 
clean up work.

>> Do folks think that the above sentence should be updated to reflect 
>> this, or am I just splitting hairs?  If it should be changed, should 
>> it be changed to declare a type of xrd:anyURI?  Or rather should it 
>> stick with xs:anyURI and just be more specific that the **value** of 
>> the element has that type?
> Just thinking that one way to reword the above sentence would be to 
> replace "is" with "contains":

Personally, I think it's simpler to be more vague about it and just say 
"contains a URI value which...".

The schema snippet should be right there to refer to for the precise definition.

-- Scott

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