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Subject: Please review XRD 1.0 Working Draft 05

Sorry about all the noise my checkins have been making on the list  
this afternoon... but as you can probably see I've just uploaded  
working draft 05, which reflects all changes that have been discussed  
to date.

As far as the editors are concerned, this is the final working draft.   
I'm asking that everyone please read over this latest draft carefully  
(use the revision history at the bottom of the document to note what  
has changed).  If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to  
the list before Thursday's call so that we can get those items on the  

If there are any changes that come out of this week's call, then I  
will try and get working draft 06 published this week.  I've talked  
with Drummond this afternoon, and I believe we can be ready for a  
committee vote following next week's call if we can get any  
outstanding issues on this current draft wrapped up.



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