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Subject: RE: [xri] RE: #next: alternate to #replace

Eran Hammer-Lahav wrote on 2009-09-18:
> This thread is becoming impossible to follow.

The main reason for that would be HTML email, which I beg all of you to
stop, cease, desist...

On topic, I'm trying to follow/understand things and have a few short notes:

I think the delegation concept is important. I see it as likely for people
to want to override portions of a generic XRD. It's also fine if that's a
custom link type left out of this spec.

But I don't understand this idea that Links don't result in something with
Type information you would process. Following a link to an XRD should result
in a new XRD that gets processed according to the semantics of XRD, which
would include Type selection.

I think XRD processing ought to be document/instance-atomic and that trying
to *prevent* differences in the result when you encounter a set of XRDs in
multiple orders is impractical. Order will always matter.

So in light of those thoughts, if there's some use case that isn't met, I
would analyze it in terms of how to solve it without violating those rules.

My limited input,
-- Scott

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