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Subject: Status and call for agenda items for tomorrow's XRI TC telecon


I myself was in Washington D.C. all last week working on US gov’t adoption of Information Cards and OpenID and missed last week's telecon completely. I was however able to work in a meeting with Peter Davis at NeuStar where we talked about XRD being so close to “almost done”.


But we’re not there yet, and I noticed the mailing list has been very quiet. I know Will Norris and Scott Cantor are at the Internet2 Fall meeting this week, so I don’t even know if they can attend tomorrow, but we need to decide on any remaining open issues and then hold the XRD 1.0 Committee Draft vote before Internet Identity Workshop which begins Nov 3.


So before I send an agenda for tomorrow’s call (2PM PT, normal time), here’s a call for agenda items. Specifically, what are the remaining open issues? For example:


* If we are agreed on 0-or-1 cardinality for Rel, URI, and MediaType within a Link, has a decision been made about these being attributes vs. elements?


* Has the decision been made that there is a CHOICE of either URI or URITemplate? If so, that may force us into using elements instead of attributes, since I don’t believe (may be wrong about this) that XSD supports a choice of attributes, only elements.


* Did the host-meta subject URI issue get settled? What was the outcome?


Any others?






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