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Subject: Last Call before Committee Draft vote

I've uploaded Working Draft 07 of XRD 1.0, which reflects all of the  
discussions to date.  The largest change since WD06 is the reduced  
cardinality of several <Link> child elements and the removal of a  
special Rel value for linked XRDs.  These two changes have  
*significantly* simplified the processing rules.

For a while now, we've talked about wanting to have a committee draft  
(and have started the public review period) in time for IIW.  That's  
three weeks away.  In order to meet this goal, we *have* to begin the  
committee vote immediately after this weeks call.  So this is the LAST  
CALL for changes before we vote on Committee Draft 01.  If you have  
any feedback on Working Draft 07, please send it to the list in the  
next couple of days.  This will give the editors time to discuss the  
changes, and publish Working Draft 08 if need be before Thursday's call.



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