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Subject: Re: [xri] work product review


Most of these are controlled by the XSLT stylesheet, so I'll wait for  
word from you that the updated ones are online.  I do have a few  
specific questions though...

On Oct 28, 2009, at 6:02 PM, Mary McRae wrote:

> The following issues have been identified in the submitted work  
> products and must be corrected before they can be uploaded to docs.oasis-open.org 
>  and the Public Review announced to the membership:
> 11. In the Participants section, the following changes must be made:
> Joseph Holsten: delete - not in the current roster
> Nika Jones: remove company name; not an organizational member
> Breno de Medeiros: delete - not on the current roster
> William Tan: delete - not on the current roster
> Gabe Wachob: remove company name; not an organizational member

I don't really have a problem with removing the names of companies  
that are not organizational members.  But I don't quite understand the  
logic of removing people who *have* contributed to the specification,  
but for one reason or another, are not longer TC members.  William Tan  
was an editor of XRI Resolution, which this spec evolved from.  Joseph  
Holsten was quite active in the development of the current  
specification, and is no longer a TC member due to circumstances  
beyond his control.  Either way, the fact that they are no longer on  
the TC roster doesn't actually change the fact that they did indeed  
contribute to the spec and, in my opinion, deserve to be acknowledged  
for that.

I will certainly trust you when it comes to OASIS rules and  
regulations, and if they absolutely cannot be listed, then so be it.   
But that certainly seems like a policy that is depriving individuals  
of the recognition they deserve.  (Besides, my understanding has  
always been that the TC chair has quite a bit of latitude with this  
particular section.  I guess that latitude only goes so far?)

> Additionally, a namespace document must be supplied (see http://docs.oasis-open.org/templates/namespace.html 
> )

Is there a docbook (or any other, I guess) template for this?  Do we  
just modify the HTML directly?  Are there any examples of this  
namespace document from other specs that I can look at?


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