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Subject: VOTE NOW on the XRD 1.0 Namespace Ballot instead of XRI TC meeting

XRI TC Members:

First, my apologies for not opening this ballot earlier. Second, my proposition: instead of an XRI TC meeting today (which I can't attend due to the ID Legal meeting in DC),  please VOTE RIGHT NOW on the namespace ballot...


...because we need to pass this before we can begin the public review of XRD 1.0 CD02.

Let's see if we can do better than the 8-out-of-15 margins that the CD02 vote passed.

Our next call will be next week at the regular time - at that point this ballot will be over and we will lay down the plan for proceeding with the XRD 1.0 CD02 public review as well as move forward with: a) trust profiles, and b) the XRI 3.0 Syntax spec.


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