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Subject: RE: [xri] XRD 1.0 next steps

> Drummond - can you find out what's OASIS policy with regard to a normative
> dependency on a-not-yet-published RFC? Is IESG approval enough (IETF rules
> allow referencing an IESG approved draft before RFC publication)? And
> on that answer, when can we submit this for a standard vote?

Assuming the reference is allowed, the next step would be a CS ballot within
the TC, and then you need three attestations of "use" of the CS to ask for
an OS ballot.

If the CD itself has changed *at all* (normative or otherwise) I believe we
also will need to reapprove a CD with those changes and then hold a 15 day
review. Without the changes, the CD stands as is and you can go straight to

That's my current understanding.

-- Scott

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