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Subject: Re: Call for Nominations - deliverables

Dear Colleagues:

    Here at NIST we are delighted that this process is finally under way.
anticipate a busy and productive summer regarding XSLT conformance.  At this
time I
want to address a few issues regarding NIST and validation services.

Although it is true that on the past NIST was involved with test
and validation of processors at this time we are not interested in taking
approach as matter of general policy.  We are interested in helping with
the development of tests, test delivery methods, help to clarify conformance
testing issues, develop (or help to develop) a test suite harness and any
relevant areas where we can help private industry  to develop interoperable
conformant products

As I stated earlier, NIST is willing to sponsor the first face-to face
at our Gaithersburg, Maryland facilities.  However we are open to other
the Paris conference is also a remote possibility (if there is enough


Carmelo Montanez

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