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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Minutes of 2000-06-05 XSLT/XPath Conformance Committee

The meeting was called to order at 10:22 at the NIST offices near 
Washington D.C.  Many thanks were offered to NIST for hosting our meeting.

Roll call and quorum
      John Robert Gardner, ATLA-CERTR, Emory University, atman@vedavid.org
      Tony Graham, Mulberry Technologies, Inc., tgraham@mulberrytech.com
      G. Ken Holman, Crane Softwrights Ltd., gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com
      David Marston, Lotus Development Corp., David_Marston@lotus.com
      Carmelo Montanez, NIST, carmelo@nist.gov
   Regrets received:
      John Evdemon, XMLSolutions, john.evdemon@xmls.com	
      Lynda VanVleet, Class Integrated Quality, Inc., lvanvleet@classiq.com

   Ken proposed an agenda and it was added to by David and 
Carmello.  Acceptance of the amended agenda was moved by JR and seconded by 
David and carried unanimously.  Future agenda will be published before the 
respective meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting
   As there has been no official last meeting, there were no minutes to 
accept.  Some action items from the informational meeting held in San Jose 
in March have been carried over, but these are addressed separately in the 

Reports of standing committees
   There are no standing committees and, after discussion, the general 
feeling was that with such a small group there would probably not be a need 
for standing committees.  Until such time as a standing committee is 
formed, this will not be an item of our regular agenda.

Outstanding action items
   20000301-ACT-1: (Ken) request write-only FTP address at OASIS
     - incomplete; awaiting word from OASIS webmaster regarding depository
   20000301-ACT-2: (Ken) determine new committee instantiation forms and submit
     - complete
   20000301-ACT-3: (Dain) contact extensibility for any possible test files
     - incomplete; status unknown
   20000301-ACT-4: (unassigned) contact Keith Visco for any possible test files
     - incomplete; awaiting committee startup
   20000301-ACT-5: (Ken) contact James Clark for any possible test files
     - incomplete; awaiting committee startup

Agenda items
   There being no prior agenda items, the meeting moved on to the new 
agenda items.

New agenda items
   A motion to leave the order of the day was made by David, seconded by JR 
and unanimously accepted.  Discussions on a number of topics ensued through 
the day in no particular order, but generally along the lines of:
   - definition and use of a "test harness"
     - does it necessarily include a framework within which processors are 
tested and assessed
     - does it necessarily include some test delivery software responding 
to interactive requests
     - is it only a static collection of tests and documents and 
stylesheets to be used by the user
   - use of W3C point of contact - xsl-editors@w3.org, cc: Sharon
     - granularity and accuracy of specification
     - the committee will draft policy regarding voting and the acceptance 
of a test result assessment
   - David describing Lotus tests
   - Carmelo describing suggested classification of tests
   - discussion of scope and objectives
   - discussion of deliverables/Ken's flow diagram
     - Ken instructed to make infered items of the diagram explicit
     - introduce concepts to allow the submitter's submission to be read-only
     - change terminology
     - identify

New and old action items for next meeting
   - 20000605-ACT-1 (Carmelo) - propose web site contents
   - 20000605-ACT-2 (Tony) - letter for Norbert for June 6/2000
   - 20000605-ACT-3 (All) - contribute to resolution development for next 
        Resolution to word and vote:
        - inclusion of test harness and/or test delivery vehicle
           - only tests and documentation
           - possibly include tools for delivery and presentation of the tests
           - possibly include tools for execution and assessment of processors

        Resolution to word and vote:
        - policy regarding test review by the committee
          - make motion for identification of exceptions after remainder 
accepted as a block
            - motion to close listing of exceptions
          - motion to accept remainder as a block
            - simple majority for acceptance
          - individual motions made for interpretation of items in dispute
            - an exception should be formulated such that the challenge to 
the putative test case be stipulated in the form of a resolution for vote
              - simple majority for acceptance
          - motions can be made to add items to the list of items being 
referenced to W3C regarding problems with the specification needing 
clarification and/or arbitration
          - motion to take the list of items being reference to the W3C
            - the list will be a carrying agenda item requiring maintenance 
and follow-up

        Resolution to word and vote:
        - general architecture of the package produced by the committee
          - consider alternatives to such an architecture

   - 20000605-ACT-4: (Ken) - set up teleconference for next meeting 
(acknowledging the generosity of Sun to host the teleconference)
   - 20000301-ACT-1: (Ken) request write-only FTP address at OASIS
   - 20000301-ACT-3: (Dain) contact extensibility for any possible test files
   - 20000301-ACT-4: (Ken) contact Keith Visco for any possible test files
   - 20000301-ACT-5: (Ken) contact James Clark for any possible test files

Next meeting draft agenda
   - July 6 - teleconference 13:00-15:00 EDT
   - address the three proposed recommendations
   - address any other recommendations developed before the meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 16:55 on a motion by David.

Would members please post corrections and/or additions to the minutes and 
we can officially accept the modifications at the beginning of the next 
meeting.  Since we did a lot of talking, I couldn't capture a lot of 
detail; please suggestion any fleshing out of a detail item for which you 
are responsible, and we'll get that added to the minutes at the next meeting.

A lot of us are very busy with travel between now and the next meeting ... 
please try to contribute what and when you can.

Thank you, everyone, for a very successful meeting!

................ Ken

G. Ken Holman                    mailto:gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com
Crane Softwrights Ltd.             http://www.CraneSoftwrights.com/m/
Box 266, Kars, Ontario CANADA K0A-2E0   +1(613)489-0999   (Fax:-0995)
Web site: XSL/XML/DSSSL/SGML services, training, libraries, products.
Book: Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath ISBN1-894049-04-7
Next instructor-led training:    2000-06-12,2000-06-13,2000-09-19/20,
-              2000-10-03,2000-10-04,2000-10-05,2000-11-13,2001-01-27

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