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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Re: file format

At 00/06/22 11:31 -0400, Carmelo Montanez wrote:
>     Attached please find a sample "HTML normative report" file.  I suggest
>we used
>it as one of our deliverables.  Comments? suggestions?.......

I think an HTML rendition is an important aspect of our deliverable, but I 
don't think we can call it normative ... I feel strongly that the XML 
version be the only normative version, and that any HTML rendition be 
informative and not normative.

I haven't gone into the detail of your earlier post regarding the file 
formats, but before we get into file formats we still haven't yet discussed 
the data flows that are up for discussion.  I think we need agreement on 
the approach before we spend time deciding what each of the files looks like.

The XML Conformance project had the normative XML and one (maybe two?) 
informative HTML renditions of the normative report.  I reflected this in 
the proposed data flow diagram.

................ Ken

p.s. I won't be very responsive over the next week as I am on our family 
vacation ... and my connectivity in Paris last week was the pits, so I am 
getting really far behind ... but if we could decide on the data flow 
(please suggest changes to the last diagram I've posted) then we can proceed

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