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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Re: web site content

My comments:

I think that "common data formats" will be
a problem for quite some time, and that XSLT is very
important in this area, permitting communication by
transforming the exchanged data from one party's data
format (tag-set/namespace) to the other's.

The exact date of formation can be obtained from Ken.

If the rest of you think that the acknowledgement of Lotus
is appropriate here, please note that the name is Lotus
Development Corporation.

This is more like a taxonomy of test cases.
It's safer to label this as a working document, in case
we need to revise it from time to time.

We should hold back on this page until we have
made further progress. Perhaps the first thing to appear
would be a textual description of the overall flow: here's
what OASIS will provide, here's what the processor vendor
will provide, here's what the tester has to do.

The big list of test cases implies that we want feedback at
that detailed level, which may waste our time.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Eduardo is not a member. Perhaps he
could be mentioned on an Acknowledgements page?
.................David Marston

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