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Subject: Re: Granularity (Was: New list of discretionary items)

At 00/08/09 16:24 -0400, David_Marston@lotus.com wrote:
>DM>I think that yes/no is too much to hope for. It would be very nice
>DM>if we could get the answers down to a range of keywords.
>DM>Conceptually, this would be like "What languages do you support for
>GKH>However, can we not scope our *first* version of the test suite to
>GKH>be as  simple as possible, perhaps even deferring cultural sort
>We could start with a yes/no question: Do you sort "en-US" alphabet?

I suppose for a version 1.0 we could, though my gut feel was to just not 
incorporate language in the first version.

>However, I am seeking consensus on the point that we will not be able
>to represent all aspects of developer discretion with just yes/no or
>similar binary (ignore/error) values.

I agree that we can't do it with all ... I was just trying to get around 
culturally-influenced collation from your example.

I'm worried (but haven't yet looked) that there may be other areas where 
XSLT points to another recommendation with a plethora of possible values.

>Let's try a different item:
>the output of namespace declarations.

I agree the members of you enumerated list are all possible in this 
example, and I'm sorry my previous message implied *every* attribute is 
binary ... that wasn't what I was trying to say (but I can see how it 
sounds that way).

Could our first version could document a multitude of possibilities, but 
perhaps only implement a subset to keep the work manageable?  Later 
versions can increase the size of the list and implement more members of 
the list.

This would support (and we need to emphasize) that the lists are all 
subject to being longer based on feedback from being used.

................. Ken

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