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Subject: OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance November Meeting Announcement

Hello committee members,

With the generosity of Camelot Communications, we now have a venue for our 
November meeting co-locating our private members-only meeting followed by 
the public meeting.

The meeting will be held at the XML DevCon'2000 San Jose conference ... see 
http://www.xmldevcon2000.com/ for details on how to register for the 
conference if you are interested in attending the other sessions and/or 

San Jose XML DevCon'2000 - OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Voting Member & 
Public Meeting
Monday, November 13 19:40-22:30
Voting members: 19:40-21:00
Public meeting: 21:00-22:30
San Jose room

The billing for the public session 21:00-22:30 is as follows:

   The OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Technical Committee invites
   attendees to a public session to discuss the scope and content
   of our work.  This interactive session gives attendees an
   opportunity to comment or to ask questions of committee members
   and the work of the committee.

We still need teleconferencing facilities to connect those who cannot 
attend the meeting, so I will chat with my contacts at OASIS to see if they 
can fund this.  If any OASIS members have access to such facilities they 
would like to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated.

I will also announce this to the public XSL mail list.

Thanks again to Stewart Quealy and the folks at Camelot Communications for 
their support of our work.

...................... Ken

G. Ken Holman                    mailto:gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com
Crane Softwrights Ltd.             http://www.CraneSoftwrights.com/s/
Box 266, Kars, Ontario CANADA K0A-2E0   +1(613)489-0999   (Fax:-0995)
Web site: XSL/XML/DSSSL/SGML services, training, libraries, products.
Book: Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath ISBN1-894049-05-5
Article:          What is XSLT? http://www.xml.com/pub/2000/08/holman
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