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Subject: RE: infoset based comparison

Another problem (bug):
4) I don't sort "attribute" and "namespace" elements when doing
transform - should fix this. 

We put writing platform specific harness on the test lab shoulders.
Since it's a bit of work, I think it would be neat idea to provide
webservice that would do it.

class testXSLT {
	//iterates through test-suite
	string getNextTestSuite(string testSuite)
	string getNextTestID(string testSuite, string prevID);
	//returns test xsmlt and input data - binary to preserve various
	bool getInput(string id, binaryBase64 testXSLT, binaryBase64
	//verifies that testOutput is correct and returns it's infoset
and expected infoset - 
	//testing person can verify whether it's parser's bug or ours:)
	bool test(string id, binaryBase64 testOutput, string
iTestOutput, string iTestExpected);

What do you think? I'll try to bring sample of such webservice to our
July meeting if it is of any interest....
Thank you...

-----Original Message-----
From: Kirill Gavrylyuk [mailto:kirillg@microsoft.com]
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 8:10 AM
To: xslt-conformance@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: infoset based comparison

Sorry being late on this.
Attached is a sample suite of Microsoft xsl:number tests, that uses
infoset-based comparison for xml and text output methods. For xml files
we use I'-transform which describes  subset of the document's infoset.
It contains:

Number-formatting\*.* 	-	folder with xml and xsl files + infoset
transform of xml input and expected output files (prefixed  as i-
control.xml			-	control file made along the
lines of David's last iron man edition of the document
infosetgen.xsl			-	xslt that produces I' image for
xml files
makeexpect.js			-	sample script that produces
infoset images of xml-input files and expected output files (both xml
and text, using msxml3).
test.js				-	runs tests against msxml3

Problems that were not solved:
1) How to deal with encodings other then UTF-8? Proposed idea is to put
encoding attribute on the I' files 
2) HTML files
3) need to add I'-image to scenario element in control file.

I'll follow up on the David's mail on Iron man for other suggestions.
Please try this and tell me what do you think.
Thank you!

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