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Subject: RE: Kirill's Questions on Test Case Markup & Cataloging,Iron Man edition

>1) What is recommended way to point to infoset image of expected
>output file? of expected input file? Can we add such, like
>i-input-file, i-output-file ?

We should discuss this on July 11th. I thought the Test Lab would
transform the supplied correct-output file on the fly, which may
get around some platform issues like line-end characters. The
correct-output files come from the submitters, but I suppose that
we could "InfoSetize" them for publication if their content would
be stable. Think about it so we can discuss.

>2)How can we describe the situation when there is no output(only error)?

<scenario operation="..." compare="message">...
The output-file element then contains something pertaining to the
message, as discussed in the Iron Man document. Also see next answer.

>3) error testing. Spec doesn't rule what exactly should error text
>contain... Do we need console output tests as conformance tests? I
>wouldn't, at least in 1st version...

I don't think we should act with great certainty on this right now,
but I think we ought to try something during the prototyping stage.
Lotus submitted 7 error cases pertaining to xsl:number. In our own Test
Lab, we catalog several error strings with the test case. If any one of
those is a substring of the actual console output, then the test passes.
we can take a look at how that works in practice.

>4) can we have elements starting with small letter?

Right now, the only ones that start with a capital letter are those that
are taken from the Dublin Core definitions. J.R. had reasons why we
should build on previous design work. My suggestion: let's save items
like this for the post-prototyping review of Iron Man.
.................David Marston

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