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Subject: Needs for a test tracking methodology and implementation

I think we need the following features for a test tracking methodology and 
implementation.  Please feel free to add more or question some of the 
requirements below.

(1) - we need to track the tests that arrive from a submitter
       - can be done through the catalogue submitted
       - perhaps grouped by test category

(2) - we need members to indicate which tests they are willing to review
       - perhaps same grouping by category
       - must support multiple groups for each member

(3) - we need individual tests to reflect their status
       - who is looking at it
       - who has looked at it and what their assessment was (accept/reject)
       - must support multiple members

(4) - we need summary reports
       - tests undertaken by each member
       - tests reviewed within a submitter's collection
       - tests listed by the number of times reviewed

(5) - I'm not sure what frequency we need ... daily? weekly?
       - probably weekly is sufficient

There is no need for the system to be a dynamic web application, as it is 
sufficient for the person tracking it to just be able to produce the above 
reports.  If they choose to do it by static stylesheets acting on static 
XML files describing the relationships, so be it.

Perhaps the maintainer could design a DTD for checking out and in tests and 
then members could just email what they are planning to do, and the 
maintainer can produce the reports from what the member sends.  A member's 
submission could then also indicate their result for the test.  The reports 
would be generated by a combination of the submitter's catalogues and the 
member's test reports.

Anything else?

........................... Ken

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