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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: RE: Kirill's Questions on Test Case Markup & Cataloging,Iron Man edition

At 01/07/02 13:35 -0400, David_Marston@lotus.com wrote:
> >1) What is recommended way to point to infoset image of expected
> >output file? of expected input file? Can we add such, like
> >i-input-file, i-output-file ?
>We should discuss this on July 11th. I thought the Test Lab would
>transform the supplied correct-output file on the fly, which may
>get around some platform issues like line-end characters.

My recollection is that the submitter would send the output file, we would 
generate and publish the infoset instance of the output, the user would run 
canonicalization on our supplied infoset instance and the infoset instance 
of their generated output, and then compare the two canonical outputs.

Since the canonicalization of both files is done by the user, there should 
be no problems in line endings.

................... Ken

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