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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Prototyping catalogue validation

This describes some of the prototyping I'm doing to illustrate where I 
think the catalogue validation process is going.

I've taken input from the "ironman" description and the "halfway" 
description and created a DTD incorporating some of my own thoughts that I 
described in my previous message.

Please note that the changes I made to make it work are not cast in stone, 
nor am I suggesting these will be the final ways things will work.  I just 
wanted to get enough done to get something prototyped.  We've been doing a 
lot of talking around the processes without actually implementing anything, 
so I wanted to get some rubber on the road and see how things started 
falling together (or apart!).

So, please go to the work directory, in the Contributions section, and you 
will find reference to:

    (note this file may be removed and unavailable when viewing the archive)

Unpacking this file you will find the following files:

    test.bat           - invocation of Saxon for test catalogue

    submissions.dtd    - document model for instance pointing to all catalogues
    suite-config.dtd   - document model for configuring a test suite with all
                         of the parameters being validated in the catalogue
    collcat.dtd        - document model of a collection of tests submitted
                       - derived from the ironman and halfway documents
    disc.dtd           - copy of document model for discretionary items
                       - no changes since last worked on by Ken

    testcat.xml        - a test catalogue with only two test cases
                       - does anyone have a catalogue similar to ironman?
    xsltconfig.xml     - configuration of the test suite software for XSLT
    xsltdisc.xml       - copy of discretionary items (last copy by Ken)
    xsltsubs.xml       - submission instance pointing to only the test 

    valcat.xsl         - script to validate catalogues of a submission

I have not taken the time to document these because I wanted everyone to 
get the flavour of what I was planning to do.  Now is the time to kill any 
misconceptions I may have about what is expected for genericization of the 
test suite.

Note that the test suite build tool will be shaped quite similarly to this 
catalogue validation tool from the perspective of finding information from 
multiple sources.

I look forward to any comments before I continue with this.


........................ Ken

G. Ken Holman                      mailto:gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com
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